Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sugaring?
Sugaring is another method of hair removal that uses a paste made up of sugar, lemon and water. It is applied by hand in the opposite direction of hair growth and then "flicked" off with the direction of hair growth. The sugaring technique has been around for centuries but is now making more of a comeback because of the benefits versus waxing. I will not say that sugaring is less painful then waxing because tolerance varies with every client but I do favor sugaring over waxing because of the way your skin feels and looks after, the time between services is longer and sugar can also be used on more clients, especially those with allergies. I can go on forever about the technique and its benefits. That will make this a very long answer, so if you have more questions please call.

Why do I need a consultation?

Consultations are very important when receiving any service we offer. There are quite a few people out there that have allergies to products, people that may have health conditions that we can not do services on and certain medications that can stop us from providing you a service. Please understand that we do not want to hurt anyone and it's incredibly important that you are honest with your answers during the consult.

How long do I have to grow out hair in the area I want waxed/sugared?

​For both techniques we need at least 1/4 of an inch. Which is comparable to a grain of rice. I would like to say the longer the better, but I know for most of my clients that isn't going to fly so keep it in between 1/4 and 1/2 inch for the best results. Please do not go crazy with trimming before you come because sometimes areas are too short for the wax or sugar to pick up. We like our clients to get the best results and its hard to pick up those tiny hairs that sometimes happen with trimming. 

Is there a list of things that you suggest not to do after being sugared or waxed?

Yes! We recommend waiting 24 hours before swimming, hot tubs, sexual activity (Brazilian zone), being in direct sunlight, exercising and using heavily perfumed lotions or soaps. Friction can irritate the area that was sugared/waxed for a couple days so also avoid heavy exfoliation of the area for that time as well.

What medications and/or products are a contraindication for sugaring/waxing services?

There are several meds and products that contraindicate our services. To name a few, Accutane, Steroids, Antibiotics, anything with Retin A in it. A lot of anti-aging products have some type of retin A so please let us know if your using a product with it in it. There are several meds out there that I haven't listed, so it's extremely important to disclose meds on your consultation form so we can see if your able to have the service.